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Strive Career Consulting provides Career Transition and Outplacement Services, Outsourced Recruitment and Career Development Services to both organisations and individuals.

With over 20 years experience as a Recruitment and HR specialist in various industries both here in WA and abroad in London, I have the hands on experience to provide organisations with career transition and outplacement strategies, plus outsourced talent acquisition and workforce planning.

For individuals I can offer my 'tricks of the trade' through LinkedIn profile creation and resume/cover letter services that will be tailored to the jobs you are applying for. I also provide career coaching sessions that cover interview skills training, job search techniques and transferrable skills analysis to optimise your chances of scoring the job you really want. I am here to give you that competitive edge with my inside industry knowledge to help you strive for your career goals

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Senior Talent Management and Career Development Specialist

I have 20 years experience as a Recruitment and HR Specialist working within HR teams and closely with Hiring Managers. My experience includes both internal and outsourced consulting across talent acquisition, workforce planning, outplacement, career transition, career development and succession planning.

I am a talent acquisition specialist in White Collar recruitment within the Professional Services, Legal, Mining Oil and Gas and Financial Services sectors both in Australia and London. I am degree qualified with a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources and Industrial Relations. Specifically I have worked for Big 4 Accounting Firms, Top Tier Law Firms, Big 4 Banks and Global Oil and Gas, Mining and Construction companies, plus recruitment agencies, both here and abroad. 

This experience has given me the skill set to provide outsource recruitment expertise, plus career transition and outplacement strategies to organisations. For individuals, I can give you those 'tricks of the trade' to help YOU put your best foot forward, and aim for that job you really want.

I am passionate about helping people strive for the career they really want, and I understand that remaining competitive in an ever changing market can be really challenging. I want people to succeed, and can provide the tools to optimise your chances to stand out in the recruitment game. ​

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What does Strive Career Consulting offer? I offer a variety of Outplacement, Career Transition, Talent Acquisition and Career Advice services. These include Career Transition & Outplacement programs and Recruitment Services for organisations who wish to outsource. For individuals I offer expert career advice across Resume, Cover Letter and Selection Criteria; LinkedIn Profile assistance; Job Search, Career Development and Interview Skills Coaching. More information on each service, can be found below. You can also follow us on social media for more tips and information - links are below in our ‘Contact’ section. 


Career Transition & Outplacement Services and Outsourced Recruitment

I provide services covering Career Transition & Outplacement programs as well as Imbedded or Outsourced Recruitment projects.


I can take on imbedded or outsourced end to end recruitment functions, or specific parts of the process, depending on requirements. I can cover recruiting, head hunting and sourcing candidates, screening applications, running interviews, reference checking, and other end to end recruitment functions as required. In addition I can mentor and train new recruiters within teams, having managed recruitment teams both in recruitment agencies and large companies across Australia. 


I provide career transition and outplacement services to organisations which include a variety of options tailored to business requirements. 

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Career Advice: Interview, Job Search and Career Development Coaching

I offer coaching tailored specifically to your needs. This can be a combination of a few focus areas or just one depending on what you require. Areas of coaching include Interview Skills, Mock Interview with feedback, Job Search and Career Direction/Development.
I run either 60 minutes sessions or 90 minute sessions depending on requirements. 


Once you have secured yourself an interview the next step is nailing that interview and getting an offer of employment. Did you know that employers are looking at EI (Emotional Intelligence) just as much as experience, education and IQ nowadays? So you may be technically brilliant at what you do, but can you work in a team? What do you do when conflict arises at work? And how do you handle the pressure of a tight deadline? All of these things are often tested by an interviewer by using behavioural questions (usually in addition to technical questions specific to the job) and I can give you practise in how to answer these using your previous experience and the STAR technique. 


I will offer professional and practical advice, which can include:

+Mock interview session with feedback

+STAR techniques for answering questions (both behaviour questions and technical questions)

+Dealing with nerves and presenting yourself professionally

+ How to get the most out of your interview including how to answer difficult questions, how to research and prepare and what to ask them!

+How to optimize your job search efforts and how to engage with recruitment agencies 

+Identifying transferable skills and potential career directions

Rates for each service vary, and discounts apply if more than one service is required - please contact me via contact page for a quote and expected time frame.

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Resume Services

Resumes are not just a summary of your work experience, but a way for potential employers to get an insight into your career aspirations, skill set, qualifications and most importantly your suitability to the position you are applying for, which yes includes soft skills. That’s a lot for one document to convey and unfortunately the screening process may knock out great candidates simply because their resume does not achieve this goal.


More and more companies expecting large responses to vacancies are also using technology to run an initial screening process on applications, so you need to ensure your resume will show up in these searches. That is why ATS friendly resumes are vital right now for key word optimisation. LinkedIn profiles also need to be ATS friendly to ensure you rank your profile higher when searched, as well as ensuring your SEO (search engine optimisation) friendly resumes  rank your profile higher on google when searched. I can show you tips on how to achieve all of this and implement them for you.


Ideally the perfect resume is tailored to the positions you’re applying for and includes a cover letter so the recruiters and hiring managers understand why you are applying for the position and why YOU are the best candidate for the job.



(Entry level, Mid Level, Specialist and Executive) 

I offer a bespoke resume writing service that caters for entry level, mid level, specialist, and executive level positions across various industries. In addition to being varied depending on level and industry, I can ensure they are tailored to specific applications if required and have various template designs. You will receive a resume that is;

- Professional and achievement lead and highlights your career aspirations, skills, credentials, expertise and experience.

- Key word optimisation (ATS and SEO friendly) to ensure you show up in applicant tracking systems and searches by employers and recruiters.

- Free initial consultation available to get to know more about your needs and career aspirations.

- Ongoing collaboration during development of your documents, PLUS 10 day time frame for any further amendments on completion of service. All documents provided in WORD and PDF


Cover letters are also available and advisable in this competitive market. I can provide cover letters tailored to specific applications or speculative cover letters. They will highlight your skill set and suitability to the position and include key words for SEO and ATS searches.


I can assist with those lengthy Selection Criteria and Detailed Applications with specific criteria requirements. This service also covers resumes and cover letters that require an accompanying portfolio of work, common to executive level applications.

Rates for each service vary, and discounts apply if more than one service is required - please contact me via contact page for a quote and expected time frame. 

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LinkedIn Profile

Did you know that 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn to source candidates? Not only can they search for specific skill sets and experience but they can view your work history and also filter out ideal (and not so ideal) candidates. Even if you apply for a job directly they may still check out your LinkedIn page as part of their selection process. My specialisation will help improve your current LinkedIn profile, or develop a profile from scratch if you don’t already have one. 


-LinkedIn Profile developed from scratch including Banner Image; Advice on Profile Photo; Headline; Summary of experience, strengths, skill set, achievements and career aspirations; Career and Education History.

-Plus optimal use of key words for search by recruiters and employers (ATS friendly so you rank high on searches), practical advice on how to build and develop your network and how to utilise additional tools that flag you are looking for work (where appropriate) and enhance your profile.


-Review current LinkedIn Profile and provide constructive feedback on how it can be improved/optimised.

-Apply changes to your profile and provide tips on how to continue to grow network, how to appear in more searches by employers and recruiters and utilise additional tools that flag you are looking for work (where appropriate) and enhance your profile.

Rates for each service vary, and discounts apply if more than one service is required - please contact me via contact page for a quote and expected time frame.

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Contact me today regarding the services of interest and I'll come back to you promptly with further information, expected time frame and quote. 

You can get in touch by using the contact form below or via email at or phone on 0427 161 471.

Follow us on social media for further information and useful tips - links below.

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